Musandam Trip from Dubai- A Trip to Be Remembered Forever!

There is no denying the fact that Dubai is a beautiful place, but UAE is much more than just Dubai and has a lot of hidden gems to explore and enjoy. Smooth roads leading to this lovely place, and riding in swanky cars is the perfect way to go on this road trip. When traveling to this area for the first time, services of Khasab Tours from Dubaican be used so that you can check out nature’s attractions without any distraction. When going by road, you will come across waves of sand dunes in magnificent peach and apricot hues, scrubby sandy plains in some parts, Rocky Mountains, and some lush oasis fringed with date palms. You can reach Musandam Peninsula in a couple of hours from Dubai and you will be amazed to see how glittering lights of the city soon surrenders against the spectacular and stunning views of Hajar mountains.

If you are looking for some much-desired break from the glitzy mall culture of Dubai, look forward to planning Musandam trip from Dubai.Road trips have always been the best way to enjoy and explore scenic views and attractions of the area. It also gives you “me-time” that you can use to get connected with your inner self. If planning a trip with family and friends, it is the best way to spend some quality time with them. This journey is sure going to be something amazing and an excellent experience. Musandam is the perfect getaway from Dubai for people who wish to take a break from the hum drum of city life. An enclave of Oman, the Musandam Peninsula separates it from the UAE.

Dubai-Musandam road is straight and you can start your journey from the Emirates Road that will take you towards Ras Al Khaimah. You will follow Dubai to Sharjah and then to Ras Al Khaimah route. After reaching here, you can take the Cement Factory Road that will direct you to Oman. Khasab tours will also take you to Khasab a beautiful quaint town close to Musandam.

There is no dearth of attractions that you can explore in and around Musandam. Even if you are going for a weekend, you can cover all these areas and still have time to bask in the nature’s beauty showering upon you. Some places that you must not miss when making this road trip to Musandam are Bimmah Sink-hole, Oman Fjords, Khasab Fort, Khasab Castle, and Khawr Najd.

The place has some of the best accommodation options. You can book any of these hotels and look forward to enjoying a comfortable stay. Located in stunning locales, all these hotels are surrounded by the rugged Hajar Mountains and azure blue waters of fjords in Musandam. This is a dream come true for many who love the positive vibe of this place and see beautiful marvels of nature in a cornucopia of myriad colors. When planning your road trip in winters, do not forget to carry your jackets as this place tends to get windy and cold. In summers, Musandam can be hot and dusty with temperature soaring as high as 50 degree Celsius. Thus, it is better to carry a lot of cool refreshments and water with you. Make prior hotel reservations to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Taking care of all these tips shall surely make this trip a memorable one for you.

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