Cruise Ship to Khasab Oman port.

Cruises into Khasab Musandam

Khasab Sea Tours organizes Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers If you ever have a chance to visit Khasab Musandam below are some most visited places & sights in Khasab Oman, especially for Cruise Ship Passengers. We provide dhow cruise tours with lots of exciting activities during the short & full day trip. Some of the most interesting activities are you may see dolphins pods during this trip, Swimming & snorkeling near telegraph island in crystal clear water & sightseeing in fisherman villages.

Tours in Khasab Musandam

Khasab Sea Tours is One of the leading Dhow Cruise Excursion Companies in Khasab Oman. We offer a complete range of Holiday Packages & travel-related services in Musandam Oman. Apart from Dhow Cruise we also arrange a Mountain safari tour & City Tour for Khasab Cruise Ship Visitors.


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